About Us

The Federal University of Health Sciences, Otukpo is a world-class specialized University that will train and produce high-quality healthcare professionals that will contribute to the development of the health sector in Nigeria, and the University will be equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for research and teaching. It will be the first of its kind to be established by the Federal Government after realizing that the number of healthcare professionals in the country is grossly inadequate for the populace. It has been estimated that it will take the country 120 years to produce the number of doctors required to meet the needs of the nation based on the available universities offering medicine in Nigeria. Therefore, by establishing the University the country will be heading towards solving its healthcare challenges within a few years.


The MISSION of Federal University of Health Sciences is: “To build capacity of healthcare professionals through integrated medical education, professional skills and research providing access to high-quality healthcare services”


The VISION of Federal University of Health Sciences, Otukpo is to be: “A world-class institution for learning, scientific research, and innovation for developing the next generation of healthcare providers”.


FUHSO will be a world-class University that nurtures excellence in training healthcare professionals through innovation, cutting-edge research, and development, leading to the graduation of highly sought-after healthcare professionals.